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If you’re struggling with (in)fertility, or the fertility treatment process, I can help.

Struggling with (in)fertility, or navigating fertility treatments, can feel lonely and isolating even when you have a partner.

Having to deal with GPs, fertility appointments, and the financial stress, can be very distressing.

For many couples they can find it hard to reach toward each other, in these difficult moments of trying to build a family.

The Freedom Fertility Formula™, and the Assisted Conception Enhancement Course, is a unique approach to fertility care, designed to help individuals, and couples navigate infertility, fertility treatments, and transition into parenthood after infertility,

Whether you access the support on your own, with your partner, or both - it can really help to make a big difference. 

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The Formula. I just want to have a baby

Does struggling with fertility issues leave you feeling like you are locked in an emotional prison?

With everyone else appearing to be getting on with their lives, whilst you stay trapped in limbo. That place of wondering if whether you should still have hope, or if it’s time to give up on your desire to have a baby.

It’s not fair is it? It feels like everyone else is getting pregnant with ease, or maybe worse, all of your other friends struggling with fertility issues are one by one getting pregnant too. You want to feel happy for them but with every pregnancy or birth announcement you see, it feels like someone is twisting the knife ever deeper into your emotionally wounded heart. The guilt you feel about this adds to your pain and you feel forced to put your fake smile on and pretend that everything is ok.

You wonder if there is anybody out there who can truly understand what it is that you are going through. Even when you make an effort to explain you feel misunderstood and perhaps even angry at your friends, family and colleagues, for their ill-informed words that they think should make you feel better.

Wh​​​​at’s even more unfair, is that there is a sad and cruel twist to the impact that your fertility journey is having on your life. Which is that the emotional pain it is causing can be further harming your chances of becoming pregnant too.

If this all sounds painfully too familiar, there is something very important that I want you to know. It doesn’t have to be this way

There is a structured way to handle this emotional overwhelm, that will step by step, enable you to take back control of your life and your fertility journey.

The Freedom Fertility Formula™ has been designed to ‘Crack the Code of the F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Mind’ - through Core sessions that will gently support you on a journey of transformation, providing you with the code to access the key to freedom and live your life more fully once again.

The really great news is that whilst you are doing that you are also enhancing your chances of becoming pregnant.

The Formula. First Aid

First Aid

This gives you the opportunity to explore exactly how your fertility struggle is affecting your life and your emotional well-being. Much like traditional first-aid, it's aim is to prevent more 'damage' occurring until treatment can be provided for the wound. In this case the emotional wounds that come with a difficult fertility journey.

This is therapeutic in itself because you will be sharing with someone who knows how to listen. However, Freedom Fertility First-Aid™ aims to go way beyond just helping you to feel better. You will also learn a very simple and powerful technique to ensure that you always have a way to feel emotionally in control, no matter what is going on in your life at the time. Making sure that you are not spending excessive amounts of time in an Emergency State which is harmful to your physical and emotional well-being as well as your ability to get pregnant.

The Formula. Foundation


Having attended a Freedom Fertility First Aid™ session it is time to lay down a strong Foundation for change. This is a back to basics session around Self-Care, Stress-Management and tapping into your Sixth-Sense so you know you are making all the right decisions for you.

The Formula. Emotions


Learn about your Emotions in a whole new way so that they are able to guide you in the best direction rather than holding you back. Difficult feelings should never be squashed down, however the teachings around how to 'let them go' are just as harming too. This session will blow your mind.

The Formula. Reprogramming


Let go of the negative experiences and subconscious emotional blocks that may be inadvertently affecting your fertility, and set up new Pathways for Success instead.

The Formula. Tactics


Know how to instantly change your emotional state whenever you need and protect yourself from the negative impacts of life.

The Formula. Imagination


Use the power of the mind/body connection to enhance your natural fertility and double the success rate of IVF.

The Formula. Liberation


Feel ready to accept invitations, make plans and get on with living your life again knowing that you can handle anything.

This Is Your New Reality

As a Freedom Fertility Formula™Specialist I have the skills to ensure that right from the start, you can share your pain with someone who knows how to listen in a way that you are guaranteed to feel heard.

I have been trained in the unique Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ approach with which I will help you to access the key to freedom and live your life fully again.

I will help you to examine what is going on in your life right now, and really importantly, what has changed since you got on the roller-coaster ride of infertility.

This enables you to discover what specific obstacles or challenges there might be for you. I will then take you through a process that will enable you to lay down a Pathway of Success for you to follow. Small manageable steps that will ensure that by the time you reach session 7 of the Freedom Fertility Formula™, you won't recognise the person you are today - in a good way.

That's hard to believe isn't it? In just 7 sessions spread across approximately three months, you will be in control of your fertility journey, rather than your fertility journey controlling you.

This is such a win:win because you get to regain the value in life again, whilst still being respectful of your desire to have a baby, and enhancing your chances of conceiving too.

The Formula. IVF enhancement process

Additional Sessions

Assisted Fertility

Assisted Conception Enhancement Course.

Looking after your mental health during the fertility process is vital.

Your IVF journey is as much an emotional journey as it is a physical one, so it is vitally important that you are taking care of your Emotional Health and Well-being.

Having repeated unsuccessful rounds can create an overwhelming range of emotions, impacting your well-being and mental health. 

Whilst your IVF journey will be unique to you, many of my clients experience similar feelings as they move through the different stages of their Fertility treatment.

If you’re struggling with the fertility treatment process, this course is designed to help individuals, and couples to navigate fertilty treatments. 

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New Pathway Planning

Perhaps things have moved on for you, and you want to discuss how I can help you with that.

Newly Pregnant

Calming the fears that naturally come when you've had a difficult fertility journey.

It is of course incredibly exciting when you get a positive pregnancy test after conceiving naturally, or when your assisted conception cycle is successful, however it can also be incredibly scary at the same time. You may of course have had a positive pregnancy result before only to then suffer a loss, you may have been through that a number of times. Even if you haven’t it can still be a very worrying time for you as to whether this pregnancy will stay. I will work with you to help Calm your fears during these early stages of pregnancy, which the option to continue throughout your pregnancy up to birth.

Handling Loss

I can support you with unresolved trauma from previous loss(es) and be there for you if you experience loss whilst we are working together.

Deciding To Stop Trying

Supporting you through the decision to stop trying for your own baby and new pathway planning.

Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ takes emotional education to a whole new level

Learning how to ‘Live in the Wait’ with Feel Right Emotional EmpowermentTM is a unique approach to fertility care with the primary purpose of supporting you with the emotional impact of a difficult fertility journey, wherever you are on that journey.

Some specific benefits to be gained from that are as follows:

💛 You are able to consciously and intuitively make the best decisions for you based on what you know is right for you and not what others believe.

💛 You no longer self-sabotage your inner peace with the thoughts in your head.

💛 You know how to protect yourself from the emotional impacts of the outside world.

💛 You live life on your terms no matter what’s happening in your present, has gone on in your past, or is coming up in your future.

💛 You can emotionally handle all aspects of life even through times of adversity.

What better time than when you are trying to conceive your baby (or your partner is), to learn how to process and work with your emotions in a unique way, that will change how you live your life forever?


Single 60 mins coaching - £60

Course of 6 sessions £300 (PayPal pay in 3 available)

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