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About Me. Gaynor Almond Clinical Reflexologist

I provide online & in person, Trauma Healing Coaching, & Fertility Support for individuals & couples to overcome fear & anxiety to create peace, clarity, purpose & growth in your life🤍.


I'm so honoured you're here.

I’m Gaynor, a Trauma Informed, Holistic Healing Practitioner.

I live in Cheshire with my husband, our two daughters and our dog Coco; who inspire me everyday.

Offering Root-Cause therapy, Fertility Coaching and Fertility Reflexology,

Sessions available in-person and remotely - which works very effectively from the comfort of your own home, just grab a blanket, some water and get ready for your healing session.

Like many Healing Practitioners, my own personal healing journey has brought me to the trauma healing space.

A healing journey of learning and awareness, which I’m still very much committed to continuing.

Meeting myself and others with compassion and understanding of the damaging imprints trauma, unmet needs physical and emotional, can have on our psyche and physiology.

Committed to empowering my clients through emotional trauma healing, combining 10 effective modalities for clarity and growth.

To meet yourself from the perspective, that how you've learned to survive, through patterns, behaviours, and how you see yourself, others, and the world around you, makes complete sense, because your nervous system has been in protection mode for so long…

And now its time to show your body that it’s safe to truly live the life you deserve.

Thank you for trusting me to support you on your healing journey.


  • Root-Cause Therapy (RCT)
  • EMDR & Psychological Trauma
  • Clinical Reflexologist (CRM5)
  • The Vagus Nerve Program
  •  The Freedom Fertility Formula™ & The Freedom Family Formula™


    Nutrition Student with the Nutritional Healing Foundation

    My areas of focus Mental Health & Fertility for individuals & couples

  • Energy Psychology
  • Inner Child Masterclass


  • EMDR and telehealth Mastery Course
  • Intensive Trauma Treatment Workshop
  • Using the Polyvagal Theory to Calm Over-Active Defensive Responses
  • Combining the Polyvagal Theory with Parts Work for Complex Trauma
  • Using the SIBAM Technique to "Talk" to Traumatised Parts of Self

  • The Reproductive Microbiome
  • The Female Ecology Master-course
  • The Male ecology microbiome
  • Basic Pharmacology and Drug Nutrient Interactions

    I’m also a Nutrition Student, with the Nutritional Healing Foundation, using Naturopathic techniques (think caster oil packs).

About Me. Castor oil pack

Fertility Experience

I am passionate about supporting women to get to the root-cause emotionally & physically, of their (in)fertility, unexplained-infertility, and recurring miscarriage/pregnancy loss.

I have had the privilege of supporting individuals and couples successfully on their fertility journey since 2014.

Offering a pre-conception care plan to those who are struggling to conceive, and wish to improve their chances of a positive outcome.

Supporting in all aspects of natural and assisted conception (IUI/IVF/IMSI/ICSI/FET/donor (egg, sperm, embryo).


Primary and secondary infertility, recurring miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, after stillbirth, loss after preterm birth. PCOS, anovulatory cycles (absence of ovulation), endometriosis, endometritis, irregular cycles, autoimmune conditions, unexplained infertility, low AMH, poor egg quality, and elevated Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells).

Male factor infertility, such as poor sperm quality, low motility, high morphology and DNA fragmentation.

Putting all my experience and knowledge into offering a pre-conception whole health, holistic mind-body care plan; to those who are struggling to conceive, and wish to improve their chances of a positive outcome.


I am particularly passionate about supporting women wanting to try again after pregnancy loss(es), through recurring miscarriage, ectopic and stillbirth, and fortunately I’ve been able to support many women in this area to go on and carry their healthy babies to term.

If you are looking for support in this area. I will gently guide, and empower you to nurture yourself both emotionally and physically, and take into account any further testing that could help in identifying any underling issues, supporting you on your fertility journey every step of the way.


Trained in the Freedom Fertility Formula, approach, which provides psychological and Emotional healing embedded in a life planning and accountability journey.

I have been blown away by the positive impact, growth, and long lasting changes, this has had on my clients lives and emotional well-being.

Many of which have gone on to conceive their long awaited baby, due to the positive effects the mind body connection has had on their emotional and physical health. Because what positively impacts the mind, naturally has a positive impact on the body.


I initially trained as a Clinical Reflexologist, specialising in fertility & women’s health. Achieving the highest level in Reflexology, CRM Level 5 Mastership, advanced level diploma, including anatomy and physiology. I am also a full member of Professional Reflexology(PR), and registered with CNHC.

Completing CPD courses in advanced fertility and reproductive health, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD), Vertical Reflexology, Reiki, and Gentle Release Therapy.

Using a combination of techniques in my holistic treatments to encourage the flow of Chi (energy) to organs and systems in the body, helping to release emotional blockages, and restore balance to the body-mind.


Learning how an imbalance in the vaginal and penile microbiome can impact pregnancy outcome, by increasing the risk of miscarriage, implantation failure, placenta eruption, and preterm birth. A real eye opener!

The vaginal microbiome, the environment of the vagina also known as the vaginal ecology, can hold a lot of unanswered questions for women who are struggling to conceive, have experienced repeated implantation failure, recurrent miscarriage, and placental eruption. It’s an area I’m really passionate about sharing, having suffered with recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) for many many years due to vaginal dysbiosis (not enough of the good bacteria), as soon as I restored my healthy vaginal microbiome I never got another UTI.

Many women I’ve worked with have not been aware that they had endometritis, inflammation in the uterus, this can often be as a result of medical interventions disrupting the natural vagina and uterine flora. Increased inflammation in the uterus makes it very difficult for a fertilised egg or embryo to implant, however there are a few solutions to this problem which I can go into in more detail on a 1:1 if this was a potential concern.

To summarise the microbiome, whether that’s your oral, gut, or vagina microbiome, is about the good bugs, and the bad bugs, and passing down the good bugs to the next generation.

I offer Functional testing in this area, please ask me about it.


I am also an Advanced Nutrition Student, with the Nutritional Healing Foundation, using Naturopathic techniques.

In a nutshell naturopathic nutrition is about nourishing the body at a cellular level, to get the good stuff in, and cleansing the body to get the bad stuff out, in-order to restore health to the body-mind.

It also delves a lot deeper to get to the root cause, looking at internal and external stressors such as our exposure to chemicals/toxins and very importantly, emotional stressors.

I incorporate these principles and techniques into my own life, as well as in my client work, supporting women to optimise their natural fertility.

“There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.” - Roy Bennett

Preconception Care & IVF Preparation

Taking a whole health holistic approach providing guidance and support, about how to optimise your fertility through lifestyle changes & nutrition, recommendations for further investigative testing, or interpreting blood test results.

The optimum time to prepare for pregnancy is ideally a minimum of 90 days, as it takes 90 days for men to develop healthy new sperm, and women to develop healthy new follicles. Making some positive life style changes is not only going to improve your overall health to optimise your chances of conceiving, but it can also help to reduce your chances of miscarriage, help to support and improve your chances of a positive outcome when undergoing your fertility treatment, and crucially for the long term health of your developing baby.

But please don’t worry if you are starting your fertility treatment sooner, I can still support you to get in a good place emotionally and physically ready for your treatment.

Some specific benefits to be gained from that are as follows:

🤍 Optimise Your Emotional Health
The mind-body connection is real, what’s happening in the mind, our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, impacts the body, and fertility.
When we support our Emotional Health it sends your Brain a signal of safety, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and directing the body’s energy towards Fertility and reproduction, rather than to eliminate or escape danger.

🤍 Optimise Your Nutrition
Understand what foods will help to optimise your fertility, and what foods to avoid to reduce inflammation, support gut health, and stabilise blood sugar levels, to balance your hormones.

🤍 Optimise Your Lifestyle
Understand more about how you can improve your chances by making some key lifestyle changes.

🤍 Optimise Your Health
Understand more about what might be driving your symptoms and getting in the way of your fertility.

🤍 Functional Testing Recommendations
Advanced Reproductive health testing, and help with interpreting results, including hormonal bloods

*Tests I recommend to my clients at a minimum as a starting point (especially if you have unexplained infertility, experienced implantation failure, or miscarriage(s), are a Full thyroid panel which include antibodies, vitamin D, Folate, B12, progesterone (7 days post ovulation): and a vaginal microbiome test (GP & private home tests).

It always helps to get copies of any recent blood tests you have had, as I often hear clients say they were told their bloods were “okay”, or “adequate”, or “normal”, when in fact they were not “optimal”
for fertility, because the NHS range is to broad.

Typically I will often see this with thyroid results (and often B12, and Vitamin D levels), it’s crucial your thyroid is in tip-top condition for ovulation, a healthy regular menstruated cycle, and for supporting your future baby until they develop their own.

Making little tweaks here and there to your diet, lifestyle, supplementation, looking at gut health (so often overlooked), and crucially your partner with DNA fragmentation testing, can make a positive difference to optimising your fertility success.

🤍 Support finding the right Fertility Clinic for you
UK and abroad.

I’ve supported clients working with clinics in the North West, London, Athens, and Barcelona.

Help with charting your menstrual cycles to learn when the optimal time is for intercourse and to recognise any problems showing up in your cycle that need to be resolved. You will feel more in control and be able to monitor your progress.

Discuss the importance of your partners health and what they can do to enhance their fertility.

Please ask me


Have you heard of the gut-brain axis? It refers to the constant two-way communication of information between gut microbes and the central nervous system.

Have you ever felt butterfly’s in your stomach when seeing someone you love, or lost your appetite when you’re stressed? Advanced research have described the importance of gut microbiota in influencing the interactions between emotional & cognitive health.

The gut-brain axis (GBA) can easily be disrupted by many different factors, such as environmental toxins, stress, antibiotics, triggering gut dysbiosis (IBS, SIBO, colitis) which impairs absorption of nutrients therefore impacting fertility. and can lead to other chronic health conditions like pain, fibromyalgia, UTIs, and has a profound impact on mental health and the functioning of the nervous system.

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